This is a time in a child's life when they absorb a wealth of new information. Our philosophy of work is mainly focused on the improvement of students' capacity for reflection, an education which promotes research, discussion and questioning of all that  permeates the  real world. With great sensitivity and attention, we encourage the skills of our students and motivate them to develop their self-esteem and overcome their challenges.


It is an interactive time for students to share experiences and to respond to different social scenarios. It is also a time to build character and instil core British values such as mutual respect, whilst maintaining a Christian worldview.

"A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation..."
Isaiah 60:22


Within the breadth of the primary curriculum, Christ is placed at the heart of learning by focusing on a 'heart concept' in each topic with the aim of instilling Biblical principles and truths.  God can be seen in all areas of learning and wisdom gained through applying skills that give students  education for living.


Children are the result of their experiences. Therefore, learning focused on practical experiences is much more effective and consistent.


Tabernacle School recognises that each child learns in a different way,  so we have develop personalised learning through study plans designed to meet their individual learning needs.

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