Jonathan Habte

Graduated in 2012

After leaving Tabernacle I went to St. Michael's Catholic Grammar School to study the three sciences and math and eventually went to Queen Mary University to study Physics. After graduation, I ended up getting a job as a DevOps engineer. Tabernacle School benefited me by giving me the education to pass my GCSE's, as my previous school was not teaching the national curriculum and they supported me every step of the way to make sure I was ready for my exams.

The education was very good, when I first joined the school I was getting F's and U's on the practice paper for English, Science and Maths and ended up getting A-B in all subjects with two years of teaching. The teachers were very supportive every step of the way, sacrificing their time after hours to help ensure we were ready for exams.

Miles Nanton

Graduated in 2004

I could not be more grateful to Tabernacle School for the support and opportunities provided during my studies which have allowed me to expand my ambitious horizons. I am now a Founder & Head Product Designer of my own digital design agency.

Leah Williams

Graduated in 2012

I joined Tabernacle in 2001 when I was 4 years old. I remember that day clearly because there were several classes in one room but it was very quiet and the children were diligently working, taking in everything the teachers were saying. At the time I never noticed how bereft it was of the normal equipment an educational institution would normally have but because there was so much order and there was genuine learning in spite of what was its inadequacies, my young eyes didn’t notice.

Although it was a new environment it felt familiar, dare I say homely; I felt safe and valued, not for my intelligence, my social status or how I looked but simply because I was a child worthy of a good education. Fortunately, while I was at Tabernacle school the setting changed, with an increase of students and eventually a larger building but the ethos remained, which was and still is key to its success. Mrs Wilson and Pastor Derrick continually pushed me to vigorously pursue my education and to strive for success, evident in the phrase often quoted by our Chairman “You are preparing for future success”- It still resonates now. I remember that at times where I would be performing below my target and I would be pulled into a meeting with Mrs Wilson to address my underperformance, and what was often striking is the lack of condemnation but rather the encouragement to do better, and if there was admonishment it came from the place of genuine care and the want to see me excel. This same attitude filtered down to the teachers and then to my peers and as a result my teachers made access to knowledge equitable and I was unhindered by external perceptions of my academic ability because my leaders believed in me.

Upon leaving Tabernacle School I graduated from Queen Mary university of London in Politics and Business Management. I am certain it would not have been possible, without the support and backing from this school. Tabernacle School has truly left me with an indelible mark of determination that has aided me in my life since leaving and continues to do so, for which I am eternally grateful.

If you want a chid that is inquisitive about the world and their place in it, one that is confident in their ideas and dreams, a child that strives for academic excellence, a driver of change but above all a child with a character centred in Christian principles, Tabernacle School is the school for you.

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